history of physician house calls
The History of Physician House Calls
June 29, 2017

How to Become a Paid Family Caregiver

By Tamira Thomas:

There are ways one can continue or begin care for a loved one and get paid for it. Many people care for a family member or friend while maintaining a job elsewhere and it can be difficult to manage. There are options for those in this situation to be a paid family caregiver for their loved one who needs daily care and wants to avoid going into a nursing home. The following will be a guide for how the care recipient can obtain eligibility for personal care services and how a family caregiver can be employed in the state of Pennsylvania.

Step 1 – Medicaid eligible?
To determine if you are eligible for Medicaid and you can use the link below to find out. You can also apply online using ​COMPASS​. Call the PA Long Term Care Helpline at 1-866-286-3636 for information on the Services My Way Program or to start the application process. To see if you may qualify for Medicaid insurance, please visit the link below:
Eligibility test: https://www.medicaidplanningassistance.org/medicaid-eligibility-test

Step 2 – Independent Enrollment Broker
Funded by the Department of Human Services of PA and Medicaid, the independent enrollment broker (IEB) is the first step in the process to get approved for waiver services. What do I mean by Waiver? Well one usually qualifies for the waiver programs if they have Medicaid insurance. The following are some of the Waiver programs that include personal care services: Aging, Attendant Care, COMMCARE, Independence, and the OBRA Waivers: Community

HealthChoices and the Act 150 Attendant Care Program. IEB is also known as the Maximus Initial Waiver Certification. There are financial, health and location requirements. So you must have a financial need, health needs in which you require personal care and you must be residing in the state of Pennsylvania. There will need to be involvement of your physician and local County Assistance Office. To get started you can apply online or over the phone. Maximus’ contact information is below:
Phone: 1-877-550-4227, Email: paieb@maximus.com, Fax: 1-888-349-0264
Toll Free TTY: 877-824-9346, Website: ​https://www.paieb.com/form.html
To learn more, visit: www.dhs.pa.gov/Services/Disabilities-Aging/Pages/Independent-Enrollment-Broker.aspx

Step 3 – Starting Services
Once approved, you have the option of choosing a home care agency that can either provide you with a home health aide or they can hire your family member or friend as your home health aide. Keep in mind, whomever is your POA (Power of Attorney) cannot be your paid caregiver. Also note that each agency’s hiring and onboarding process may vary. Your home care agency will be known as the PAS provider (Personal Assistant Services). But before that happens, involvement of what is called a Service Coordinator is needed as well. This person will be your #1 contact in regards to all of your services, not just personal care. They can help you maintain services like medical equipment/supplies and medical transportation. The service coordinator will be assigned by your Managed Care Organization (MCO) otherwise known as your insurance company. You get to pick from the following MCOs: Keystone First, UPMC and PA Health and Wellness.

Step 4 – Maintaining Services
Your MCOs will most likely require you to stay in contact with your Service Coordinator (SC) on a monthly basis and maintain contact. So whenever you want to switch a service or change agencies, they will be the one to handle it for you. With any major changes or updates like hospitalizations or changes in health status, it is recommended that you make your SC aware. This is important because all of these things affect how many hours you get approved for and how many hours your family caregiver gets paid for providing the personal care. The great thing about all of this is that family members or friends are able to make a living while also taking care of their loved one. How can MultiCare help? MultiCare has been in the healthcare business for over 10 years, so we understand the importance and also the difficulties of the different processes to obtain different types of home care services. We provide both personal care and skilled services to clients in the Philadelphia, Bucks and Montgomery counties. We can also assist clients outside those counties too! We want to help as many people as we can and will provide assistance with any questions or concerns. We can walk you through the steps, assist you with calls to Maximus and make referrals on your behalf. Most importantly, our help is completely free! Call us today at ​215-457-0582​ or contact us on our website: ​https://multicarehh.com/contact/

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